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Email Readings

These readings are done via email. Please email Kalem with your reading type you're requesting. Once you've contacted Kalem, you'll be instructed how to purchase your reading. 

Tarot - £50

This is a future focused reading looking at upcoming events, energies or people in your life. I normally just lay the cards out and see what they say but if you’d rather ask questions then I can do up to 3 questions per reading just let me know what they are ahead of time.

Lenormand - £50

With the Lenormand cards I lay out the cards and let my intuition guide me to the cards that offer messages for your future. Lenormand is a similar style of reading to Tarot but often more detailed. No questions asked.

Palmistry - £75

For palm reading I will need pictures of your hands, I will give examples/instructions for these. The lines in your palm and even the shape of your palm offer predictions for the different areas of life. Your hands contain the guidelines for your character and life experience.

Astrology Forecast - £75

This is a look at current/upcoming planetary movements and what kind of experiences these will bring you with time frames. For this reading I need your time/date/place of birth details, these are usually found on your birth certificate - always best to check do not rely on your/your parents memory!

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